Leisure Time Bowling - Pro Shop

We offer a full range Pro-Shop to care for all your bowling needs.
Custom drilling is included when you purchase a new bowling ball from Leisure Time Bowling! We will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new ball purchase.
Plastic Ball Drilling
High Performance Ball Drilling

Quality Service

Correct means comfortable!

BALL LAYOUTS - Correctly match bowler's individual style with ball of choice.
We will watch you bowl, and determine your PAP, ball speed and ball roll...NO EXTRA CHARGE !!  

PLUG WORK - We use only the HIGHEST QUALITY materials available !!

Finger Inserts
set of 2
Thumb Insert
Plugging & Redrilling
per finger
Ball Cleaning
Ball Cleaning & Polish

Our Pro-Shop Professionals are dedicated to help you through the entire process from picking out the right bowling
ball for you, to completed drilling with custom fitting to your specific needs. Give us a chance to earn your business.

If you have questions or would like more information.
Contact us in the bowling center
Phone: (423) 728-2988

Or you can contact our Pro-Shop Professionals directly

Cell: (423) 716-1840
Cell: (423) 715-6014